Carol_FLO botany
Carol Nóbrega

Co-founder | designer

curious, innovative, minimalist, observer, wild & poetic. a lover at heart.


Nice to meet you,

It all began in 2012, on our honeymoon, in Paris. We were struck by the magic inside the most quaint flower shops in Marais district. That feeling of belonging grew inside and a year later, back home in São Paulo- Brazil, Jotta began experimenting with terrariums. Word got out among our friends and soon orders came pouring in.

We noticed we'd stumbled upon something and decided to focus on it and give it the proper attention. Carol created our brand and we developed our philosophy: to bring nature back into our daily lives, to reconnect with nature.

What started as an improvised studio in our laundry room, 5 years later grew into the botanical concept store of our dreams. 

As we write these lines, we are prepping to open overseas, in New York. Isn't life so curious? It's crazy what happens when you follow your intuition and take your pleasures seriously. 

Jotta_FLO botany
Antonio Jotta

Co-founder | art director










a lover from the start.


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