"Evergreen shows the verdant aesthetic statement that allows city dwellers to bring nature back into the every day and quenches urban gardening desires... From cactus farmers and florists to shop owners and activists, let our cast of characters guide you in making and maintaining a green utopia and in quenching gardening longings.​"

Published in 2016, by Berlin-based publishing house Gestalten, Evergreen was the first international book to feature our work. The pages aim to inspire and encourage anyone who wants to venture in the green world, sharing real life stories from all over the globe. 

We are thrilled to be a part of this amazing selection of creatives around the world who enjoy getting their hands dirty. Our shop and creations were featured beautifully throughout 6 pages, on the back cover and its spine. Evergreen- Living with plants- shows how gardening has become important, not only as an activity or hobby, but as an attitude.

Gardenista also featured us as one of their favorite projects in Evergreen.

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Evergreen by Gestalten
Evergreen by Gestalten

Evergreen by Gestalten
Evergreen by Gestalten

Top left corner: one the wallpapers we designed for our collection with Branco.

Evergreen by Gestalten
Evergreen by Gestalten

Natural Encounters at FLO Atelier Botânico
[ São Paulo, Brazil ]

"Atelier Botânico brings nature back into our daily lives with unique terrariums from Carol Nóbrega and Antonio Jotta. What began as a hobby for this design-loving couple blossomed into a business when a growing number of their friends placed personal orders. When FLO Atelier Botânico opened in São Paulo in September 2015, the oddly shaped, charming terrariums found a new home alongside equally fantastic vases and exotic plants. The store's philosophy-the more eccentric the plant or planter the better-makes for an eclectic assemblage of sorts.


Inspired by the couple's strolls around Paris' Le Marais district, with its quaint floral shops, FLO is enlivened by good design and nature running wild. Vintage reins here, and with time the store's display of indoor plants, flowers, natural curiosities, and living arrangements has grown into something bigger.


Today, terrarium-building and flower wreath workshops are held alongside a curated collection of gardening tools, books and botanical wallpaper. When visitors come in they often feel as if they are being reintroduced to nature, a meeting the owners have happily facilitated."