Nobody sees a flower - really - it is so small it takes time - we haven't time - and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.                                

                                                           -Georgia O'keeffe

Have a look around

When did you last notice how exquisite our surroundings are? All of the rich colors, hues,  textures, shapes and aromas?

Designing with nature's elements can be tricky. Reaching harmony and balance is what makes our heart sing. 

Please be gentle

Nature is perfect on her own, no doubt. What we've forgotten is that we are a part of it all. During the past decades we've been increasingly disconnected from it. 

For us, bringing design and botany closer together is all about reconnecting and discovering how our passions complement each other in the most surprising ways. 

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Make that connection

We've curated and designed an experience aiming to spark a light in you. To make you curious about what you are seeing. There is a collector and conservationist inside all of us. 

Yes, the city hustle is real. The catch is once you make time to care for your plants, they will care for you.

Not only cleaning toxic air around you but also giving you a new sense of responsibility, affection and peace of mind.

Harmony and balance will make you calm and focused. Crystals, pressed botanicals, dried arrangements, gardening tools with gorgeous design, the most curious plants and handmade ceramics: all selected to help bring the outdoors in. 

Come see it in person. There's only so much we can tell you... what we really want is for you to feel.

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