Azuma Makoto collab

At FLO we are huge fans of Japanese aesthetics and philosophy. In 2018 we finally made our dream of visiting Japan come true. The trip was perfectly timed to view the cherry blossoms in full bloom. We experienced what we had only read about: the beauty of petals falling, a reminder that life is short and transitory. The world is continually in transition, never staying the same, reflecting the traditional Buddhist view of the world. We soaked up so much of the Japanese culture while we were there, so much more than we could've imagined. 

The cherry on top was getting to hang out with our biggest inspiration: Azuma Makoto. We could write for hours about all we learned from such a generous and ground breaking artist... To keep things short, he told us few people had understood his work in the way we did and that we would like to invite us to collaborate with him on a floral sculpture. A month later, he flew to São Paulo and it all started to happen. Later on we found out it was his first time inviting other floral designers to co-create with him! 


A picture is worth a thousand words so, lets get to it... All photos were taken by Shiinoki Shunsuke, Azuma's partner in crime and creator of all the stunning images you've seen of his work. Both have been working together since the very beginning and complement each other in the most symbiotic way.  

azuma makoto and FLO.jpg


april 2018, São Paulo BR

Azuma Makoto + FLO

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