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We are curious by nature.

Lovers of the wild.

Beauty contemplators.

Fascinated by the strange creatures that inhabit planet Earth.

We believe in the power of time.



Join us: open your eyes, make room for the extraordinary.

Reconnect yourself with the cosmos.

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By Berlin-based Gestalten, Evergreen was the first international book to feature our work. The pages aim to inspire all who want to venture in the green world, sharing real life stories from all over the globe. 


In the digital realm, Dezeen- world's most influential architecture, interiors and design magazine, was the first (internationally) to feature our shop's opening in São Paulo,

back in 2015. 

Aesthetica Botanica

"In Aesthetica Botanica: A Life with Plants, you will meet florists and artists, botanical designers and bloggers, and many other plant enthusiasts to see how plants can go perfectly with their unique living and working places like home, studio, and workshop. They will share their stories with these natural creatures and offer some inspiration of their intriguing works. You can explore the realm of romance and freshness through this book."

Published in 2018, by chinese Sandu Publishing, Aesthetica Botanica showcases our passion for miniature landscapes. Through out the pages that highlight our work, we share our motivations, inspirations and how creating with nature impacts our life on a daily basis. 




Just released by Phaidon, world's leading publisher of books on the visual arts, Blooms features our trajectory and collaboration with japanese artist Azuma Makoto.


"A glorious survey of work by more than 80 contemporary floral designers who are extending the boundaries of their art. It's an expertly curated, gorgeously produced collection of talent that offers insight into the profound effect that floristry has on today's visual culture and on the world of design itself."



The Ultimate Botanical Concept Store

Also in 2018, Insider Trends- the retail trends specialist, reached out to us sharing they were fans of our holistic concept and interviewed us for their blog. The London-based trend consultancy helps global brands create world-leading and profitable retail ecosystems. They are known for their retail trend tours, retail innovation presentations, retail industry trend reports and more. 

The title on the piece reads "Growing strong: inside FLO Botanical Atelier, the ultimate botanical concept store". 


azuma makoto and FLO.jpg
Azuma Makoto collab   "Eden Utopia"

When your biggest idol and inspiration invites you to collaborate on an installation! Hard to put in words.... even harder to summarize. Hands down the highest point of 2018 and possibily of all these past 5 years since we started FLO.


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